Friday, July 29, 2005

thanks to deena's friend renee for pointing me to quizilla and their lesbian stereotype quiz. woohoo! check me out!


You're a Boi Dyke!

You kick ass, dear. Serious, serious ass. You're
the type of girl who can change the timing belt
on my Camaro, have sex with me on the hood,
then do shots with me back at your place. Will
you marry me?

Which Lesbian Stereotype Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Here I am...

so my friend deena said that she thought i'd make an interesting blogger. with any luck, she will turn out to be right, and people will enjoy reading this ramble.

for now, i'm at work, so i'll make this one short and sweet. the reason the blog is titled "on one foot" is that i always feel myself working to stay balanced. my life is always being pushed or pulled in one direction or another, and i work to keep it from being pulled or pushed too far from center. when you're on one foot, you have to work harder to stay balanced. at the same time, the only way you can move forward is to get on one foot and put the other one out in front of you. the best part of taking that risk, of getting on one foot, is the fun of getting to see where the forward foot falls.

so my forward foot has just landed in fort worth, and i'm working this week on moving house. hopefully that will be uneventful. (what marketing moron at u-haul ever decided that "adventures in moving" would be a good slogan?)

and now, adieu.