Sunday, January 22, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggity jog...

So, I got home safe from Illinois (As K would have it: Gaaad's Country) despite a small airplane issue. When I checked in (over 2.5 hours early!) there were no earlier flights that I could get on standby, and there were no later flights, period. This flight was it. The one. The only. THE Wednesday night flight from O'Hare to Dallas. So I was very concerned when I saw on the departures board that it was listed as "delayed". I was very worried when I checked in with airline personnel and was told it was indefinitely delayed. No word. No news. No explanation. Blessedly, the flight reappeared on the boards about an hour later and the takeoff was only about an hour late. All in all, not bad for airline travel, and a damn sight better than spending a night stranded at the O'Hare Hyatt.

I found myself eating at Wolfgang Puck's Airport Express Cafe, and the only food they had with no meat in it was a Chicken Caesar Salad that I could have the Chicken removed from, or a squash soup. I actually was interested in the soup, but I wanted it as a side with a dinner salad. (Hello? Soup and Salad? Isn't that THE most common side combo known to the restaurant business?!?!) Apparently, at Wolfgang Puck's Airport Express Cafe, the Soup and Salad combo is UNHEARD OF. You can buy a $10 entree-sized styrofoam plate full of lettuce, and a $5 styrofoam bowl full of soup, but you can't get a small dinner salad and a cup of soup. Can't be done. So I had a $10 plate of lettuce. This is the second time I've ranted about this, and for the amusement of my gentle readers, I have included a quote from a friend who sympathized with my first rant. The quote is in the sidebar down to the right among the "Words I Like..."

So, once I was safely on the ground in the DFW metroplex, I made my way home and back into my routine. Joy. I'm thrilled to have my puppy dog back! Thanks to Rose for dogsitting!

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rose said...

it was great to have molly here ... she's welcome anytime :-)