Wednesday, May 31, 2006

holy funny stuff, batman!

This article cracked me up. My very favorite part was when he explained leetspeak, thusly:

Unintelligible spellings: When you see things like OMG the pwn3d haX0r is the ghey LOL!!11!1 you are reading the language of people who consider themselves elite computer users. Translation is possible, but unnecessary; nothing ever said in this tongue concerns you. At all.

k, that's for you!


grhkr said...

Hey, don't you mean "733t" speak? What a relief that I don't have to try to figure out words spelled with numbers. So, what does that sentence mean, oh geek goddess?
Not that I, personally would want to know, I'm just thinking that someone out there would maybe be a little curious or something.

Thalassa said...

i may be kicked out of the secret society for this, but here it is:

OMG the pwn3d haX0r is the ghey LOL!!11!1

OMG - literally, "Oh, My God!" used as a generic expression of dismay or to precede any announcement which is anticipated to cause amusement or dismay in the listener.

the - just what it means in english

pwn3d - literally, "owned." used as an adjective to describe something that has been dominated by something superior (our team pwn3d yours in football this year), and by extension things which suck independent of comparison.

haX0r - literally, "hacker." a computer user. depending on context this can be pejorative.

the - used as an intensifier. for this usage, it's more properly spelled "teh", a tip of the keyboard to the very common mistyping of the genuine article. the author's spellchecker probably wouldn't allow "teh" to pass, though. spelling aside "teh ghey" is MUCH more ghey than simple "ghey" is.

ghey - literally, "gay." used as a generic insult when a discussion falls into ad hominem attacks.

LOL!!11!1 - literally, "Laugh(ing) Out Loud!" the 1's are in there because many haX0rs type in a CRazY mIXeD CaSe sTYLe that is achieved by toggling the shift key randomly. if you randomly toggle the shift while typing an exclamation point, you get a mix of !'s and 1's.