Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Don't Frighten the Moose!

So, I'm looking into flights into Medicine Hat, AB, Canada for work. I'm going there for about a week at the end of August, and I really need to get there early enough on my arrival day to check the setup of the training room. Otherwise, I've gotta fly in on Sunday, check the room on Monday, and then spend the rest of the day working in my hotel room. Yech. Not fun. It wastes two days, basically... Sunday on travel, Monday on a tech check. I'd rather get there at a reasonably early hour Monday so I can do the tech check and then get dinner and do my last-minute prep.

Well, apparently, it's not too hard to get a non-stop from Dallas to Calgary, which is the nearest large city. It's not hard at all to get a one-hop from Dallas to Calgary. I can go through Chicago, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Toronto, Houston, or Denver if I don't, for some reason, want a non-stop flight. *snerk* However, the hops from Calgary to Medicine Hat have me completely puzzled. I can only fly into Medicine Hat after 7 pm. I can only fly out of Medicine Hat before 9 am. Do they have restrictions on this airport that it can't be used during daylight hours? Are we trying not to disturb the mating moose at the end of the runway?

Anyway, after a quick consult with Google Earth, I've decided that it's best to take the nonstop flight into Calgary and drive to Medicine Hat. The layovers are such that I could literally rent a car and drive to Medicine Hat before I could get through the layover and get on the plane.

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