Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stupid, stupid, stupid...

The horoscope dude is treading on dangerous ground today.

You tend to be more aware of your own feelings when the Moon is back in your sign, but this can be a mixed blessing. You might be rather uncomfortable in your own skin, as your moods change so fast that you cannot figure out how you feel. You prefer to have one emotion and deal with it, instead of having to manage your instability. Keep in mind that this dilemma is what makes you human.
Didn't anyone ever tell him that if he said stuff like this to a woman suffering from PMS she might very well kill him with an incorporeal icicle of instability? I'd like to kick him in the shins, personally. Either that, or kick myself in the shins just because then I'd be able to maintain a steady anger instead of the weird mix I've got going now.

I'm home sweet home this week after a fantastic week out on the road. I took the motorcycle down to San Antonio last week. It's partly because the weather's finally nice enough for that sort of thing and partly because I need to get my butt in shape (literally!) for a loooooong, looooong ride out to San Francisco this summer. I was down there for work, but my schedule was flexible enough for me to do a little riding on the weekend and to take prettier back-road routes on several legs of the trip. I'll post maps of the routes as I get a chance this week. Also, since I'm still employed after my annual review, I'll probably get around to finally writing up the construction of the MDU (mobile dog unit) and post pictures. Lofty goals, but if I don't kill anyone with an icicle this week, I just might get it done.

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