Friday, June 01, 2007

walky man, and tampa

so, i promised a photo of the canadian walky man forever ago, but my phone was roaming the whole time i was in canada, so i could never upload the image. i remembered to upload it last week two weeks ago while i was in missouri, but then i ran out of time at the airport and didn't actually post it here.

so, without further ado, the SUPER JAUNTY canadian walky man:

i think he looks a lot perkier than the standard issue american walky man. maybe it's just me. i mean, he has feet! and he's shouldering bravely into the wind!

and in yet another bathroom weirdness post, i leave you with the following message that was printed on paper and taped up in the bathroom stalls of the Tampa Municipal Building:

Ladies, in consideration of ours please cover before disregard products in** can.

Now, the obvious flaw here is that "can" is a euphemism for toilet, but those of you who've ever had to plunger a tampon out of a ladies' room in your day know what they're trying to say. The next problem, which you'd have had to be there to appreciate, is that where i typed the ** there was white-out on this sign. Let me say that again: THERE WAS WHITE-OUT ON THIS SIGN. I was so curious that i turned the paper over to see if I could make out what they'd decided was so inappropriate that they had to white it out. Turns out the word "in" originally read "into". This set me to giggling. In two lines of text so grossly grammatically incorrect, they'd decided that "into" was the wrong preposition, and "in" should be used instead. The remaining corrections are left as an exercise for the reader, if you can bear to think about it any longer.

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