Sunday, July 08, 2007

waiting on the weather

i was supposed to fly out for richmond tonight at 6:35. it is now 7:05, and my flight has been delayed a third time, to 8:00 PM. eventually, i'll get out of dfw tonight. (see, i'm still an optimist!) and then i've got a class to teach.

so i'm sitting at the airport waiting on the weather delays to clear out, so the regularly scheduled flights can resume. i wonder if the dudes responsible for scheduling these things ever get frustrated by such persistent rains. knowing that it's just going to rain and scramble these flights, i wonder if they have trouble motivating themselves to make up a schedule in the first place?

anyway, i had a marvelous weekend visiting my godsons, until the last hour and a half. the children took complete leave of their senses and abandoned all their usually publicly acceptable manners and acted like heathens at lunch. i've been out to eat with them about a bazillion times, and it's usually pleasant. the kids wheedle a bit about what and how much to eat, they struggle with the instruction to sit upright and mostly still, but they do it. i don't know what got into 'em today, but they weren't fun to hang out with at lunch. which was not a great way to wrap up the weekend, but that's what i got.

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