Tuesday, December 16, 2008

you win some, you lose some.

Tonight, I had a SUPERB dinner at Fleming's in Mt. Laurel, NJ. There was old scotch, and there was perfectly seared filet mignon and there was a great red wine. The weird little appetizer of Champagne-infused Brie was surprising, rich, and quite probably is the new love of my life. Except that I'm married. However, if you could marry food, Rose would totally have to armwrestle the Brie for my affections. It's just that good. So that is a win.

Also in the "win" column, and a significantly more important win, is the fact that my niece is out of the hospital. [here is where you must imagine me doing a giant, happy, rejoicing dance. there will be no live demo.] Seriously, this is better than any cheese ever. We still don't know anything, but she's feeling better, moving better, and is cross with her mama over all the poking, prodding, and testing she's had to go through. Mama was there to hold her, and in the 17-month-old-mind, is the agent at fault for all the discomfort. No fair, really. Keep her in your prayers. We all hope for her continued good health and a diagnosis that is easy for us to swallow. Selfish as it may be to ask that, it's what I want.

On to the losses. Monday, the TSA assaulted my dignity again. This time, it was over my freaking Tide pen. Tide-to-Go PenYes, you know, those little gizmos you use when you spill something on your clothes and then have to go look like a reasonably well-put-together person in order to keep your job? Those things WHICH DO NOT CONTAIN BLEACH AT ALL or else you couldn't use them on colored fabrics? Yeah, the TSA lady pulled it out of my 1 quart zip-top bag and concluded that because it said "Tide" on it it must contain bleach and was therefore a threat to national security. Almost every word of labeling had been rubbed off the damn thing by its ongoing contact with said zip-top bag in my thousands of miles of air travel. It wasn't worth arguing over the single item. I wonder, though, if the PRINCIPLE isn't worth arguing over. Whatever I conclude on that score, I'm pretty sure that arguing with one liquids inspector at the DFW airport is not going to significantly impact the policy. And that's what I really want to argue with... not the policy IMPLEMENTERS, but the policy MAKERS.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen a Tide pen before. Now I want one!

Thalassa said...

they are extremely handy for taking fresh spots out of fabric. basically, they contain hydrogen peroxide in dilute solution. so you have to make sure the spot is dry before you go in the sun, but they work a treat on tomato/coffee/wine/chocolate spots.

Tide said...

Hi Thalassa, first off I wanted to say that's good news about your niece. I wish you and your family the best.

Secondly, I work with Tide To Go... that's a real shame they took it away! I never heard of that one before... anyway, I'm glad you're a fan of it.

Also, I wanted to give you a heads up. Have you seen our "talking stain" commercial? It's hilarious... CBS has even included it in their top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all time. They are running a special on it this Saturday night, and you can vote for your favorite here: www.cbs.com/tide

If you like ours we would certainly appreciate it if you vote for it and try tuning in. :) I hope you don't mind me commenting on your post by the way. If you have any questions or comments just let me know. Have a great day.


Thalassa said...

Hi Shawn! Thanks for stopping by, and I don't mind you commenting here, not least because you wished my niece well. :) Anyway, I've replaced my old Tide pen and will be prepared to defend its contents next time. I'll go have a look at the videos, too. Cheers!