Sunday, October 16, 2011

Profound Motherhood Moments

I don't have much to say these days. I know this is not news, as it's pretty much what I've said at the beginning of every not-really-a-post post I've made since we brought Z home. That said, I do occasionally post an update to Facebook, and I have successfully managed to do a string of these on the topic of motherhood. Since all I've got of the publishable variety these days are profound thoughts in 140 characters or less, I strung a bunch of 'em together to make this list. Enjoy!

Profound Motherhood* Moments

* I call them Motherhood moments because I am a mother. If you are a Father, you probably have experienced some of these, too. Though a few of them are quite specific to Motherhood, feel free to think of them as Parenthood moments if that makes it more fun for you...

  1. (On Dec 29, just 14 days into motherhood...) I just spent 20 minutes (over coffee) trying to remember if I've showered since Christmas. (I have.)
  2. I had someone else's barf on me three times between 6 and 10 this morning, and I was more worried about her than me or my pajamas
  3. babies will sneeze without regard for what else they are doing. Like nursing, say.
  4. the cuteness of baby sneezes is potent enough to de-horrible horrifying things, like snot in your cleavage.
  5. You can't be your kids' friend because sometimes you have to pick their noses. And as we all know, you can pick your friends...
  6. all but 1 of my PMM's has been about wearing snot, and that one was about wearing barf. #gamechange
  7. Installed see-the-baby mirror in car. Driving is now COO-fest instead of waa-fest. Zoe is definitely a social critter now.
  8. I'm proud of my daughter for figuring out how to suck her thumb. She has been working daily on taming her spastic arm motions and refining her "gig 'em" for three months to arrive at this milestone! You can remind me of this in three years when I'm trying to get her to STOP sucking her thumb.
  9. Zoe slept 7 hours straight last night (and counting!). And just like all my friends said I would, I woke up in a panic to make sure she was still breathing...
  10. She pulled my hair this morning. Take me down to the Ponytail City...
  11. she fell asleep on her tummy and woke up on her back. She doesn't get to lie on the couch again until she can climb onto it her own self.
  12. I know I'm a grown up because I just did my laundry BEFORE going to see my folks..
  13. Zoe is sleeping in her own crib. How did she get so big?!?!
  14. I just let Zoe grab me by the hair, pull me close, and chew on my nose. Insanity IS hereditary, you get it from your children...
  15. Greenies: Puppies:: Smashed Bananas: Babies. Truefax.
  16. Frozen cookie dough is a totally legitimate short term coping skill.
  17. I can stop tears of frustration, pain, loneliness, boredom, and general grumpiness by picking her up and hugging her. I will cherish this superpower every day while I have it.
  18. No matter how much chicken gravy or sweet potato you amend it with, pureed chicken feels like pureed chicken on your tongue. Especially when it's hiding under a tempting blob of apple sauce on a baby spoon.
  19. the kids' song about how the little one said roll over - I'm crowded/I'm lonely was totally written by some one whose baby had a cold.
  20. You know a nursing session with a newborn is done by counting how long between the baby's swallows; you know a nine month old is done when she zrbtts you.

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D said...

LOVE these!! I look forward to experiencing all of this very soon!