Friday, September 29, 2006

Home again, Home again, jiggety blog...

American Airlines carries Dr Pepper. I <3 American Airlines.

Gorgeous sights and yummy food were had in Vancouver this week. I took a friend's advice and sat by the window on my outbound flight. The view was breathtaking. The coast is geologically similar to Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. It seems to be just a little more convoluted in the coastline, but I could be wrong. There were lots of little islands and gorgeous mountains that knelt right down into the water. The wave patterns made by the wind and the boats were shown to best effect by the afternoon sunlight that turned the whole of the Pacific Ocean into a shattered golden mirror.

I had the whole of Row 12 to myself on that flight, so after I had seen all the sights and we passed Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen's, I turned my attention to the very serious matter of solving the newspaper Sudoku. Alas, I got to the last square and discovered that I'd made a logical error somewhere else in the puzzle and couldn't solve it out correctly. This is where a computerized version of the game, with an "Undo" button that could step me backwards through my solution would have been useful. Rather than trying to unravel the puzzle and fix it, which my eraser was not large enough to undertake, I picked up the American Airlines magazine and set to solving their Sudoku. I laid out across all three seats in my row and had a nap, and then I tussled with the Sudoku a bit more. A direct flight, warm sunlight on my feet, and Dr Pepper to top it all off. I was in heaven.

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