Tuesday, August 02, 2005

moving day...

sleep deprivation is a bad thing, kids. don't try this at home!

so i slept little, worked a lot, and had a little fun over the weekend. it was good, all in all. there was some lesbian ex-girlfriend drama, but nothing i couldn't handle. last night, i slept like a dead body for about 12 hours, and i woke up fresh as a daisy today. of course, i overslept a bit, and was late for work, but i'll put in an extra hour at the end of the day and erase that transgression.

the reason i slept so little over the weekend was that i had a gar(b)age sale to unload all the shtuff i didn't want to move. and then when i had finished the garbage sale, i had to pack all the shtuff that i DID want to move. you never realize how much shtuff you've accumulated until you have to move it.

this was my second "grown up" move where movers are carrying my things, instead of me and u-haul doing it all. unfortunately, there has been one do-it-yourself move in between, so i had lots of time and several trips to do that one in. moving is very different when you have to put everything in boxes and then stack it all in your living room, compared to packing a bunch of stuff, loading it, moving it, coming back, packing more stuff... when there's a big pile of boxes in your living room, a neurological condition sets in and blinds you to the smaller piles of things you have lying around: tape, tea, dog bowls, cleaning supplies under the sink... my landlady has called twice to ask me what i wanted done with the various bits of shtuff that didn't quite make it into boxes. :( i was so proud of myself for getting it all done, and now it turns out i didn't quite get it ALL done.

ah, well... the movers will be carrying it all here and unloading it for me soon. and then, i can UNPACK. unpacking (you can call me weird if you want to) is something i rather ENJOY. i like the organization part of it... of figuring out how best to set up my house so that i can get to the things i need frequently, as well as having access to the things i need infrequently without them getting in the way. i'm also terrifically relieved that i DIDN'T try to move my fridge, because on inspection of my place yesterday, i doubt it would have fit. i've got a much smaller fridge in my apartment than what i've been using at home. that's not a problem, because my fridge at home rather looked like the bachelorette fridge that it was... three jars of pickles, four beers, and some expired lunch meat, a bunch of condiments in the door. there was little of actual nutritive value in it. :) a smaller fridge will make it look like i've got more food in there.

so... just now to wait until the movers arrive to fill my place with my stuff. whew.

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