Tuesday, August 16, 2005


well, i spent a week helping out with my sister's new twin girls. whew! for the last two nights i've been home waking up at midnight to feed them. :) they are, of course, not at my house and my dog is starting to think i need to go to a sleep lab. she looks reproachfully at me in the wee hours while i'm sitting up with the lights on. a couple more nights of sleep deprivation oughta put me to rights, though: i'll be ready to crash with the sunSET instead of the sunRISE.

i'm diggin' my place. i took my dog to the office with me at lunch to do some errands and check mail. everybody was friendly to her and she got a peanut butter cookie as a treat for being so good while she was in there. happy dog, happy dog, happy happy dog dog!

i got my internet turned on at home last night, so i'll be able to post from there from now on. i just had some idle moments at work while waiting for my boss to get out of a meeting so i could confer with him about the latest boggle.

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