Monday, August 22, 2005


so i went to a pool party this weekend. many were the lovely ladies, few were the fabulous fellas, but the few represented well. we listened to some live music by our friends "Kool-Aid". they'll be playing at Grrrl Jam in a few weeks, so they practiced on us. hot!

my dog is a complete spazz. it sounds kinda silly to diagnose your dog with a personality disorder, but if you'd ever seen my dog play fetch, you would find yourself diagnosing the same thing. she's obsessed with fetch. she literally played running/swimming fetch from about 2pm until full dark at the pool party. she'd wear one person out and move to another... round and round the crowd until it got too dark to see the ball. she still wanted to play after that, but nobody wanted to throw for her. the crazy part is that she wasn't tired at all! i went indoors and took a nap halfway through the party. the heat and sun can wear you down, and i got really sleepy. my dog, on the other hand, was still an energizer bunny at 1 AM when we left. for the past three years, people have been assuring me that she would calm down "in a year or so". i no longer believe it. i think she's going to be wound tighter than a clock spring for the rest of MY days. i just hope she can find a good home where they'll either let her play a lot of fetch or get her some therapy when i croak off. the party people have demanded a photograph of my dog sleeping, because they want proof that she actually does it...

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