Thursday, September 29, 2005

alphabet meme

swiped from my good friend zed

[A is for age:] 30, at the moment.
[B is for booze of choice:] scotch, old single malt; or red wine, dry
[C is for career:] civil engineer/surveyor building landfills (it's more fun than it sounds like!) and a teacher/tutor for a test prep company
[D is for your dad's name:] Jim
[E is for essential items to bring to a party:] a mingly attitude, a pitcher of sangria, and good music that's not too loud (i'm a little hard of hearing)
[F is for favorite song at the moment:] Jimmy Buffett - "Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season"
[G is for favorite game:] Cranium for board games, World of Warcraft on the computer, Spades for cards, Rugby for sporting
[H is for hometown:] i live in fort worth right now, but i'm a nomad in career, life, geography, interests, everything.
[I is for instruments you play:] bassoon, trombone, a little piano, and a little guitar
[J is for jam or jelly you like:] apple butter, hazelnut spread, my late grandfather's pear preserves (he had to shoot squirrels all summer to have enough pears in the fall to can 'em!)
[K is for kids?] does my dog count? she's a hyper-spastic black lab who suits me perfectly. and i'm working on getting some fish.
[L is for living arrangements:] 2br 2ba apartment in southwest fort worth. it's right on the river, and the dog and i both love it!
[M is for mom's name:] Sharon (she's named for her grandfather!)
[N is for name of your crush:] none, at the moment. stay tuned for updates.
[O is for overnight hospital stays:] none since i was a baby and got jaundiced.
[P is for phobias:] suffocation and stagnation, in that order. see "H" for more. :)
[Q is for quotes you like:] "I got a lot of leavin' left to do." - Dierks Bentley see "H" for more. :)
[R is for relationship that lasted the longest] ironically, it was with my ex-boyfriend from high school who happens to be gay. we had an absolutely platonic relationship for 6 years off-and-on, and neither of us thought that was weird.
[S is for sexual preference:] bisexual, although i tend to prefer women slightly for relationships (at least at this stage in my life, see "H" and "P" for more.)
[T is for time you wake up:] 5 minutes before i have to be there
[U is for underwear:] underwear is like cancer. the less you've got of it, the better off you are. ;)
[V is for vegetable you love:] all of them except some of the legumes. something about that consistency really puts me off. i especially love spinach, though.
[W is for worst habit:] PROCRASTINATION. see "T" for more.
[X is for x-rays you've had:] my right thumb (age 5), my left wrist (age 10), my right ankle (age 25), my right knee (age 27), my lungs for a tuberculosis test (age 29), and my neck (age 30), plus some miscellaneous lung and face x-rays for sinus infections... do i glow in the dark? oh, and all of those really were broken, except my knee, but i'd severed the ACL. well, and i don't have tuberculosis.
[Y is for yummy food you make:] ice cream, texicali sandwiches, king ranch chicken, stew, lasagna, snapper veracruz, tamari steak
[Z is for zodiac sign:] i'm a capricorn to the hilt.

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