Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Weekend review

i slept. i skipped six flags, i skipped pride, my friend skipped driving up from austin. the only thing i had planned that i actually accomplished was cleaning up the soon-to-be-fishtank. well, and eating yummy food... that almost goes without saying. :)

i had a very nerdy discussion saturday night at the bar about john roberts, the supreme court nominee who is going through the congressional hearing process right now. my lawyer friend (who actually sits down and watches these hearings on c-span) has decided that she likes roberts. by extension, then, because i'm NOT going to sit down and watch the hearings, i like him, too. well, i don't have cable, so i couldn't watch the hearings even if i wanted to, but i don't want to. the gist of the discussion was that roberts is too smart to go on record in his hearings with a firm opinion on any politically charged issue that's likely to come before the court. he refuses to state what his position is on anything politically divisive, on the grounds that he would have to hear the facts of a case to know how he would rule on it. things that aren't politically "hot", he'll state a position and reserve the right to change his mind based on the specifics of a case. but if it's a platform issue for one of the parties, he refuses to state his position. it's a clever way to play the game, really. and that's what my friend advised me: roberts is SMART. the kind of guy who would clean your clock if you played trivial pursuit with him... so i'm not dreading his appointment so much, and i'm now turning my interest to the NEXT nominee.

and, in the weather watch, here comes hurricane rita! anyone know what happens if we use all the alphabetical names? it's only september and we're already up to "r"...

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ReNeeNee said...

I heard that if you make it through the Alphabet then they start with the Greek letters...I wouldn't know what to do with a hurricane Alpha - are you afraid of it or do you tap a keg with it?