Thursday, February 16, 2006


names obscured to protect the supremely innocent, and the merely moderately innocent. you can decide which of us you think is which.

Her: something happened last night that I wanted to share with you...because I believe you would appreciate it--and my horror of the situation
Me: go ahead. i woke up this morning and saw i'd missed a text from you...
Her: I went to the gas station by my house to pick up a cup of ice on my way to the library last night. I had to write a fucking paper
Her: While walking from the freezer to the checkout.....I got "Ms. So-and-So"-d
Me: oh, no!
Me: a student?
Her: yes
Her: I wanted to crawl under the shelves
Her: Jeez, what if I had been buying beer or condoms?
Me: well, then the student would have been forced to go back to his/her insulated little life and cry to his/her friends about how s/he saw the TA buying beer or condoms and how it'd scarred him/her for life.
Me: you'd probably do the same thing... plus probably turning 10 shades of red.
Her: oh, sure...make fun
Me: :) ok, i will.
Her: it was a girl, by the way
Her: to save you from the gender games you have to play with the pronouns
Me: thanks.
Me: you've never had to go to a pharmacy and have a family friend instruct you on how to de-worm yourself, have you?
Me: then i've got you beat on the "embarrassed at the register" game. hands down.
Me: unless you have something better than being caught by a student while buying ice...
Her: no, that's pretty much it
Me: ok.
Her: my kung-fu is weak and bows to your superior embarrassing moment.
Me: thank you.
Me: i'd been in mexico on a class project. in spite of everyone's best efforts at handwashing, drinking bottled water, and careful food prep, etc... some of us ended up with worms.
Her: I wasn't going to ask

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Anonymous said...

First, I'm glad I didn't try to out "embarrassing moment" you because then all that would have appeared here as well. Second, no, nevermind. I already told you what I think. Glad I could make the blog for something not negative for a change.