Friday, February 10, 2006


yee-hippity-haw!!! i LOVE road trips!

I'm going to Austin tonight with a few friends... Deena, Teal, Reneenee, and Rose. We'll be going to see my friend Brody and his peeps at the Kings N Things drag show. And from there, the weekend is wide open! We're going to try to make it out to The Oasis for some awesome food and a gorgeous sunset, and maybe see Melissa Ferrick out at the Flamingo Cantina on Saturday.

yea! (did i cram enough links into that paragraph for you?)

And now, I shall bop off to do the HappyRoadTripDance!!! and attempt to get something productive done at work with what's left of my afternoon.

Oh, and I fed my fish... a big weekend rock that sits at the bottom of the tank and supposedly releases Spirulina and krill, or some such nonsense. We'll see. If they're alive when I get home, I'll be thrilled.

Oh, yeah... I finally got some fish for my tank. I got 6 zebra danios to cycle the filter with. This is what they look like:

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