Thursday, October 13, 2005


i'm going camping this weekend with some friends at the rainbow ranch out near groesbeck. i don't think i've actually been in groesbeck since i was about 11 months old. apparently, my parents lived in a trailer there early in their marriage. my first christmas, and the place was so small the tree had to be placed outside.

at any rate, i'm thoroughly excited about the camping trip. the weather promises to be perfect and i love to sleep out under the stars. my dog also loves it, although she gets nutty if anyone in the campground tries to play any ball-based game in her field of view.

it's just been a long time since i went to sleep smelling of woodsmoke and i'm SO looking forward to it.

as if that weren't enough, i really enjoy the company i'm going with. good peeps, one and all, and some really special friends among them. we'd have fun no matter what we were doing, but camping just makes it even better.

now i've just gotta focus enough to get through today and tomorrow at work. i may explode with the anticipation! i'm already fidgeting at a higher frequency than usual... if you hear a sonic boom in the metroplex in the next 48 hours, it was me fidgeting through the sound barrier as the anticipation built up beyond reasonable levels.

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