Monday, October 24, 2005

much mo bettah...

I'm feeling drastically improved this morning. I think yesterday's icky-ness must have been caused by the yogurt. (Note to self: throw away the expired yogurt when you get home!)

So I posted last night about the greatness that was the weekend, but I don't think I was enthusiastic enough about it. On reflection, this was an absolute stand-out of a weekend, and I don't think I've enjoyed myself so much in some time. Most of my recent weekends have included a large chunk of time in which I did "stuff" that was important to someone else, and I was obliged to do it or volunteered to do it for some valid reason. Still, the greatest thing about this weekend was that I only did things that I REALLY WANTED TO DO and I had the opportunity to do them with the people I most wanted to see and spend time with.

I would have loved to add Meg, Nancy, Brody, and Eve to the list of people I got to hang out with this weekend, but I would have needed 27 hour days to make that happen. I'll catch them next time, I hope.

Yea! Poingity-Poingy-Poing-Poing-Poing! What an outstandingly great weekend! Even though it was enforced by borderline food poisoning, I thoroughly enjoyed the 15 hours of sleep I got last night. Maybe that's part of why I'm feeling so good today... I'm well rested for the first time in a long time.

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