Monday, October 03, 2005


so i went and saw "serenity" over the weekend. it took some phenomenal schedule-wrangling and my dog had to stay locked up in the apartment for about 12 hours as a result, but it was worth it all the way! (don't pity the dog too much, she got a fantastically long fetch/swim/walk before the confinement, and she threw all my clean clothes on the floor so she could bask in a sunbeam on the couch while i was gone)

anyway, without saying too much for those who haven't seen it, the movie was outstanding. it was beautifully shot, nicely paced, and with some terrific one-liner style intelligent humor. it also featured multi-dimensional characters with some goodness and some badness, scars and bumps and such. i thoroughly enjoyed it! highly recommended, whether you dig the love story, the sci-fi angle, the action-flick styling, or just the pretty actors.

i had a terrific time hangin' out with my old roommate thursday and friday, it was so good to see him again... and then i got to catch up with the austin rugby women on saturday, which was likewise fantastic. so many good things to be happy for. :)

and of course, there were good eats. :) i had green papaya on friday, cafe brazil on saturday, and panera on sunday. panera has this obscenely good portobello/mozarella sandwich with caramelized onions and other goodies on it... wow! i had crepes with feta, avocado, and mushroom at cafe brazil, and vietnamese vegetarian hot/sour soup at green papaya. i'm spoiled! i'm never going back to college station again!

on that note, i really AM going back to college station again, in mourning. my favorite mexican dive, gina's, is closing down, apparently. they made the most wonderful from-scratch tex-mex food ever... and they are closing down. *boohoo!* so i'll make a pilgrimmage to say goodbye to gina's, but i'm definitely a fan of the food options in the metroplex. yea!

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