Monday, March 20, 2006

haven't you always wanted a monkey?

Your Final Quiz Score: 32 right out of a possible 60
The Monkey's Final Score: 17 right out of 60

Well done, you have sent the monkey to his defeat. Your score is unquestionably higher, and thus the lowly monkey has been proven once again to be humankind's intellectual inferior. Good work, however your score does leave room for improvement. We should like to see the human dominate even more completely!

You scored in the 76th percentile.
(76% of quiz takers scored worse than you)

Your score: 8
Monkey's score: 4
-- Quite a sufficient job.
Your score: 6
Monkey's score: 5
-- You might have done better.
Your score: 9
Monkey's score: 6
-- Good enough I suppose.
Random Trivia
Your score: 9
Monkey's score: 2
-- A handy defeat of the monkey.

Link: Monkey Challenge Trivia Quiz

1 comment:

GP said...

oy you're killing me. i did better then i though, but i should be doing something a tad bit more useful right now ;-)