Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yea, Vermont!!!

This afternoon the Vermont state House of Representatives passed H865, which would add gender identity as a protected class to the state anti-discrimination laws. The bill now moves to the state Senate for consideration.

NCTE congratulates the Vermont TransAction Coalition, as well as RU12, SafeSpace, Outright Vermont and the Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force for their diligent work. Transgender Vermonters also should be thankful for Representative Bill Lippert, who has shepherded the bill through the state house.

The passage of the bill came on a voice vote, though the yes votes clearly outnumbered the neas. According to NCTE Executive Director Mara Keisling, "When NCTE helped with training and strategy around this bill last year in Montpelier, it was apparent the folks in Vermont were committed to getting this law on the books as soon as possible."

If passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, H865 would make Vermont the eighth state to have explicitly legislated anti-discrimination protections for transgender people. Washington state passed their law earlier this year.

NCTE Congratulates all of the advocates in Vermont for their hard work on this legislation.

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