Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Name that Tune" meme -- ANSWERS!

Random quiz swiped from and crossposted to myspace

Rules for me:
1. Go to iTunes/iPod, set to shuffle.
2. Write down the first line of each of the next twenty songs.
3. If they are embarrassing, you still have to write them down. Sorry.
4. Any song where the title is the first line of the song must be excluded.
5. Only one song per artist.

Rules for you, dear readers:
1. NO GOOGLING (with a silent ", bitch!"). This must come out of your own brain. It’s on the honor code.
2. Leave your guesses as to which songs are represented above. They’ll be crossed out as people get them right. Guess song title. Album and artist are bonus, but not necessary for a correct score.
3. There may or may not be prizes, depending on how generous I’m feeling.
4. I’m not tagging anyone, but if you decide to play this game in your own blog, please let me know so I can play!

  1. Darling I can see the clouds around you, and in your heart I know a sorrow grows. becca got this one! "Til A Tear Becomes A Rose" by Keith Whitley (also recorded by John Prine).

  2. Hope. Everybody needs hope. Somebody's Out There Watching - The Kinleys

  3. A hundred days have made me older since the last time that I saw your pretty face. joker2 got this one! Here Without You - 3 Doors Down

  4. I was nothing but a lonely boy looking for something new. This fell under the "embarrassing songs" rule: All Revved Up With No Place To Go - Meatloaf

  5. Everybody sings a different kind of song. Made For Loving You - Doug Stone

  6. Well I'm a travelin' man, don't tie me down Give Back My Heart (You Fickle Redneck Woman) - Lyle Lovett

  7. When you wake in the morning its always there. An obscure Celtic number I didn't expect anyone to guess: You Saw His Eyes - Mary McLaughlin

  8. I search your profile for a translation. My friend K guessed that this one was the Ani tune, saying it was the only lyric "angsty" enough: Overlap - Ani DiFranco

  9. We must hide our love, its beauty to enfold in our eyes.Rose got this one: My Secret Wish - Club69

  10. Ice age, heat wave, can't complain. The World At Large - Modest Mouse

  11. Every night, I'm lyin' in bed, holdin' you close in my dream. artist by rose "The Eagles". title by anonymous "Best of My Love"

  12. On two bicycles, On a hillside desolate, Could nature make a man of me yet? This Charming Man - Death Cab For Cutie

  13. Well mamma told me when I was three, Lord, the street'll never get you nowhere. Step That Step - Sawyer Brown

  14. Paint the town, take a bow, thank everybody. Then The Morning Comes - SmashMouth

  15. He believes in the family unit, the union of man and wife. He Wants To Get Married - Reba McEntire

  16. She's an angel, and I ain't. Lord knows she deserves a saint. A little surprised nobody got this: Her Only Bad Habit Is Me - George Strait

  17. Comb your hair and paint and powder. You act proud and I'll act prouder. A Classic! Settin' The Woods On Fire - Hank Williams, Sr.

  18. If the night turned cold, and the stars looked down. opiate got the artist, Eric Clapton, although my version is by Sting. Title (anonymous) is "It's Probably Me". Bitter, anonymous?

  19. I'm on a mission, I made my decision Geek Stink Breath - Green Day

  20. We were all wounded in some domestic war. Enough Of Me - Melissa Etheridge

alright. i'll post correct answers as they come in.

My music taste is really more varied than the list would indicate, but it was a random sample of 20 from my library of several thousand tunes. So I guess the sample wasn't large enough to be representative... How did I do a whole list with no Jimmy Buffett on it?!?!?


joker2 said...

#3: 3 Doors Down, "Here Without You"

The only one of your list that I know offhand.

rose said...

#9 should i name it yet? or wait to see if someone else gets it?
#11 The Eagles

Thalassa said...

go ahead and name #9, i know you know it. :)

and, yes, #11 is the eagles. you get half credit for that. what's the title?

opiate said...

#18 is Eric Clapton, but I have no idea what the name of the song is. :(

Anonymous said...

Best of My Love, by the Eagles for 11.

Anonymous said...

#18 is "it's probably me"....which I know because it usually is me. It's Clapton's, Sting stole it...fucking dirty tantric weirdo.

rose said...

opps, i know the song, just didn't put the artist.

#9 my secret wish by club 69

Anonymous said...

#1 is Keith Whitley (or John Prine) "Till a Tear Becomes a Rose"

#2 is Wynona's "Testify to Love"