Tuesday, November 22, 2005

geek thanksgiving

I swiped this from my friend Vulpine who, i believe, swiped it from someone else in turn...

Signs You're Having Thanksgiving Dinner with a Geek

  1. Dark meat is separated from white meat using a light probe.

  2. Everyone mentions broadband, Linux or dual-core processors in
    their "I am thankful for..." speech.

  3. A round of Counter-Strike: Source determines who gets to carve the

  4. House decorated with plush microbes to celebrate the pilgrims
    bringing diseases to the new world.

  5. Someone constantly keeps saying "The pilgrims had coffee, didn't

  6. Plates have a heatsink attached to them so you don't burn your

  7. The cranberries are caffeinated.

  8. Whipped cream for the pumpkin pie made with Dremel.

  9. Three words: Lego gravy boat.

  10. Pilgrim decorations have red hats instead of black ones.

  11. The turkey is given the opportunity for a saving throw before
    being butchered.

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