Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stop the Analysis!!!

There are days on which I want to shut my brain down. I want to be able to go to the lower left corner of my brainpan, click "Start" (always seemed a silly way to turn something off, to me) and "Shutdown" and watch my brain quietly pack away all its registry entries, close all its processes, park all its drives and close itself to new electrical impulses.

Since I can't do that, I attempt to assign silly little things higher priorities than usual so I won't have to think about the big things that I probably should be thinking about. The penalty for this is that I end up overanalyzing the little stuff. It's not productive and it's not worth the energy I'm blowing on it, but that knowledge doesn't stop the analyses in my head any more than the "Start" button can.

Last night, I rearranged my office. I moved two fully-loaded bookshelves across the room, put the couch against a different wall, and relocated a futon from the living room to the office. The geometry of my hall made it necessary for me to flip the futon over lengthwise and sideways to wiggle it into the room. The result was worth the struggle, though. I love the new layout in my office and I'm sure I'll love it even more once I've got the last of the boxes in there unpacked. Currently, the boxes serve as the Great Wall of Kimmie, separating everything on the right side of the room from everything on the left. I also love having my open living room space back. It was powerfully crowded with the futon, couch, love seat, and kitchen table in there. Now, to find resting places for my entertainment cabinet and a few old CD racks that are hanging around.

To sum up: asthma drugs make me hyper and cause me to rearrange my furniture alone like a mad kitten on the 'nip. PIXY STIX!!!!!! Overanalysis is BAD.

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