Monday, November 14, 2005

yea, weekend!

The weekend was a Good Thing (tm, pat pend). I had a blast with Brody and Jack and McDonough on Friday. I was a little sad that they had to leave so early, but ever so glad they came to visit. Dancing and laughing and flirting and renewing old friendships and making new friends -- who knew one night could be so good for my soul? I am never going to see the Jolly Green Giant in the same way again, I assure you. (If you want to know what that means, you have to know me well enough to have that conversation face-to-face. And you have to ask.)

Saturday I went and spent time with my sister and her lovely daughters. Her in-laws were visiting, and I love them, so that was bonus fun. I painted my sister's toenails for her, which is one of those fun things I haven't gotten to do much since we were kids living at home. Nostalgia! Don't spill the fingernail polish on the carpet!

Do you have any idea how bad a smell you can generate when you use an entire bottle of nail polish remover on a carpet spot? Do you have any idea how hard you can pray that your dad doesn't light up a cigarette and blow up the house because you used the whole bottle of polish remover?

After our nostalgic spa moment, we watched the Aggies roll over and play dead while OU kicked them in the ding-ding repeatedly throughout the first half. :( Apparently, they kinda redeemed themselves later in the game and it actually finished with a score of 30-36 (OU) so it must've been more exciting at the end. By then, I'd already dropped by to visit my friend who is recuperating from surgery and gone on home from there to cook dinner. I had a lovely dinner with a dear friend, and got to bed early to cap off a restful and relaxing Saturday. Her parting comment was that I need not cook so much or so extravagantly on her account... Little does she know that the cooking was all for me. She just gave me an audience, which is all the excuse I need for a cooking frenzy. (In case you were wondering: Tamari-marinated Sirloin ala The Garden Variety Goddess topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, Garlic-Gruyere mashed potatoes, and an herb salad with red peppers and avocado)

And that was only 2/3 of the weekend! Sunday I played with Molly down at the river until she was tired (some of you may know how long it takes for that to happen), got a little nap, taught my LSAT class, cleaned my kitchen, and Renee came over for dinner. I laughed so hard I nearly shot asparagus out my nose. Some of you have undoubtedly shot milk or coke or apple juice out your nose at some point. You can imagine, then, how painful it would be to do that with asparagus. It was a standout evening in a signal weekend.

I'm blissed out by the wonderful company I passed time with this weekend. To each of you: my heartfelt thanks for your time and energy and goodwill. You all make my life better for knowing you.

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