Friday, November 04, 2005

things i miss...

  • cuddling

  • my bed with no dog hair on it

  • talking to jj

  • hugs from my grandmas

  • papa james' intergalactically famous "cajun gumbo ala fatboy"

  • singing

  • volunteering at the community theater

  • being able to run until i want to stop, instead of when my lungs stop

  • playing in the band

  • new orleans (and not the bars on bourbon street, but the real city)

  • beach time

  • brody taking me shopping

  • steak

  • my godsons

  • my peeps from the rugby team

  • scuba diving

  • the variety of intellectual pursuits available in school

  • tom

  • the disposable income i used to put into collecting music

  • chaplin and karma

  • sore muscles

  • stretching

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