Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i know i link...

... to trilia.net in my "Blogs I Like" section, but this post especially is a good one. She wrote it in honor of World AIDS day last week. It's part of a series of posts that she and some of her friends do called 55 Friday, wherein they have to write a snippet that consists of 55 words on Friday. Being only 55 words, it's a quick read; but to save you lazy I-don't-wanna-click-the-linkers the effort, here it is:

“You look ravishing in that dress.” Obviously. It took months to find this shade of red.

“It would look better on my floor though.” Agreed. I was kind of hoping the night would come to this. “So… you got protection, right?”

“I don’t like condoms. Can’t feel anything.”

“Then the dress is staying on, babe.”


Andrea said...

omg! I'm famous!

I know you've commented on trilianet before... but I got here this time thanks to Sepia Mutiny... muttering, "so, who's the *other* gori..." while control-clicking to your site.

Thanks so much! If only the 55 Friday were realistic in the majority of situations... but I'd say hormones beat safe sex for most people, most days.

andrea said...

PS. you are so added in my blogroll. Refresh a few times - there's about 50 and only 10 show at one time.