Tuesday, December 13, 2005

totally swiped from a friend over at livejournal...

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review". My year is short because i just started this mess in July.

Here I am...
so my friend deena said that she thought i'd make an interesting blogger. with any luck, she will turn out to be right, and people will enjoy reading this ramble. for now, i'm at work, so i'll make this one short and sweet. the reason the blog is titled "on one foot" is that i always feel myself working to stay balanced. my life is always being pushed or pulled in one direction or another, and i work to keep it from being pulled or pushed too far from center. when you're on one foot, you have to work harder to stay balanced. at the same time, the only way you can move forward is to get on one foot and put the other one out in front of you. the best part of taking that risk, of getting on one foot, is the fun of getting to see where the forward foot falls.

moving day...
sleep deprivation is a bad thing, kids. don't try this at home! so i slept little, worked a lot, and had a little fun over the weekend. it was good, all in all. there was some lesbian ex-girlfriend drama, but nothing i couldn't handle. last night, i slept like a dead body for about 12 hours, and i woke up fresh as a daisy today. of course, i overslept a bit, and was late for work, but i'll put in an extra hour at the end of the day and erase that transgression.

so, in a recent (semi-tragic, way too dramatic, i'm-better-off-now-thanks) breakup, i lost my computer. this may not be apparent from my posts, but i'm a bit of a computer nerd. and a word nerd, and a music nerd, and a scotch nerd, and a wine nerd... but i digress. anyway, sans box, i've been forced to rely on my father's very old, very slow, very $hitty laptop hand-me-down for my home computing needs. this is such an unpleasant situation that i stay away from the computer a lot, and that makes me sad. :( so i'm building myself a kit from scratch, all the way up to mouse/monitor/keyboard and all the way down to case/motherboard/cpu. i even had to buy a case fan!

so i went and saw "serenity" over the weekend. it took some phenomenal schedule-wrangling and my dog had to stay locked up in the apartment for about 12 hours as a result, but it was worth it all the way! (don't pity the dog too much, she got a fantastically long fetch/swim/walk before the confinement, and she threw all my clean clothes on the floor so she could bask in a sunbeam on the couch while i was gone)

new book goodness
I bought Anne Rice's The Witching Hour and the two sequels, Lasher and Taltos on Monday night. w00tzoR!!!!1 I love reading. Seriously, I could give up my computer forever, as long as I had a limitless supply of books. Anyway, two chapters in, and i realize now why Rice is such a popular author. Goodness on a Sheet of Paper, I can't believe it took me this long to get around to reading Anne Rice. Diggin' it lots. Thanks, Rose, for the suggestion.

I've been "published"!
Doonesbury (online at Slate.com) has a regular feature called "Blowback" where Trudeau posts the more interesting and relevant feedback he gets. As the invitation to comment says: "If you'd like to send us a comment yourself, please note that civility, if not approbation, counts."

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