Thursday, December 08, 2005

Power returns...

yea! My Little Green Men are no longer on strike. They returned yesterday at about 5 pm, which would have been inconvenient for me had I tried to go home at my usual time only to find my apartment just beginning to warm up. Luckily (?) I had to work until nearly 7:30, so by the time I got home, the Little Green Men had fired the furnace up and heated the apartment thoroughly. Unfortunately, I still had to clean out my fridge and freezer and re-stock them. Last night Dallas/Fort Worth had its annual (we pray it's the only one!) ice storm, so I was out driving around in the ice and snow. I can handle that, at least better than the average Texan, because of the time I spent in Colorado. I learned a few things while I was there, so the ice usually doesn't present problems for me. I'm leary, however, of other Texans' ice-driving skillz. I was much relieved to arrive home with my bumpers intact.

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